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Play in  Barcelona

Our concept

Barcelona might just be the world’s best city when it comes to football. Thousands play or watch football every week. There are already several companies offering football where everyone can join in. All of these companies are fantastic and create opportunities for all football lovers to play.

However, we want to do things slightly differently. In most other companies offering football, you play for 60 minutes without substitutions, without breaks, without any tactical structure, and without offsides. This means that the level drops significantly in the last 30 minutes, especially during the summer.

Here’s what we do to maintain the level for the full 60 minutes:

Breaks: We will have two short breaks for a few minutes each so players can recover. We also believe that players can manage their energy better if they know how long they have been playing and how much time is left.

Offside: There is a reason offside exists in soccer. It’s almost impossible to play without it. Football isn’t as enjoyable if a player is constantly 10 meters behind the defensive line. How can one defend? If you can’t defend, there are too many goals, and if there are too many goals, the pace slows down.

Substitutions: We will play 7 versus 7, but when we open up registration, we will allow 16 players for each match. This ensures we have substitutes (if everyone shows up). If someone doesn’t show up, we still have full teams. We also believe that the level of the matches will be better maintained if each player has a chance to rest.

Formation: Before each match, we will ensure that all teams have a formation and that each player has a position. We believe this will help maintain a higher level of play throughout the matches.

Football is not just on the field

We all love football! But we don’t just love playing football; we love everything related to football! One purpose of our matches is to meet new friends who share our passion!

In addition to our matches, we will organize activities off the field for those who are interested. This could include going to a bar to watch the European Championship this summer or any other football match.

More information


What will it cost?
The price will be €10 per game you will play

How often will the matches be?
Initially, twice a week. As we have more players interested, we will play more frequently.

What time of day will the matches be?
The majority will be during the daytime or early afternoon. We’ll try to have as many evening matches as possible and also on weekends.

Can everyone participate?
Yes, anyone over 18 years old can play. It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 50 years old. Everyone who wants to can join.

What is the level?
The level is different every match. When you sign up for a game you select your level and we try to make balanced teams. 


See you soon!