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Play in  Barcelona

Game June 22th

When: Saturday June 22th 11:00 – 12:00
Where: Campo de fútbol Municipal Can Aranyó – Agapito Fernández
Address: Av. del Litoral, 85, Sant Martí, 08005 Barcelona
Cost: €10

Terms and Conditions
The cost to participate in the match is €10. If you cancel with more than 12 hours remaining before the match, you will receive a €10 discount code for a new match. We do not provide refunds.

If you cancel with less than 12 hours remaining, no refund will be issued, and no discount code will be provided for a new match.

If you are unable to attend the match, you must cancel your spot. This allows us to offer the spot to another player so that we always have full teams. Even if there are less than 12 hours remaining, we expect you to cancel.

How the match works:
The match lasts for 60 minutes and will have at least two breaks, each lasting at least 2 minutes, to maintain the pace.
During each break, players have the opportunity to change positions and adjust formation.

Each team will have a captain who determines the positions of the players in their team. You can indicate whether you would like to be a captain when you sign up.

If no one indicates that they are a goalkeeper, we will take turns being the goalkeeper.

Number of spots:
We have 18 spots available for Sunday’s match. Once it’s full, the form below will automatically disappear.

Upon registration, you will pay €10, which you can do using your card. We utilize Stripe, and no card details are stored with us.

For this game we offer go two and pay for one. If you don´t have a friend yet to come with you, you can book just for you know, and if you want to add a friend later you can just send us an email at