FC Barcelona CAMP

October 26 – 29

Want to play with FC Barcelona?

Do you want to train with FC Barcelona in Barcelona, at their training ground with their coaches? For boys and girls born between 2006 and 2010 we can offer this fantastic experience

Train at their training ground

Two of the trainings will be at La Masia and one traning next to Camp Nou. All training will be with FC Barcelona coaches.

Camp Nou

During the week you will experience Camp Nou from the bench, visit FC Barcelona museum. At Camp Nou there will also be a theoretical session.

Experience the city

During your free time you have the chance to experience on of the most fantastic cities in the world.

Included in the week

– 3 training sessions
– 1 work shop
– Camp Nou tour
– FC Barcelona Museum
– Hotel
– Food
– Transports (first team bus)
– FC Barcelona clothes


When is the last signup day?

Last day to sign up is august 1 at latest. But it can be full before that.

Can get a trial with a team the same week?

Yes, normaly 3-4 players will have a trial already the same week with one of the teams

Is flight included in the price?

No, its not included in the price. You need to book your own flight and land at El Prat before 20:00 on monday 24. We will make one pick up earlier durng the day also.

What do i need to open the files ?

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What level should I have?

In this camps everyone is welcome no mather the level. Its for both boys and girls.

How can i edit smart objects ?

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